Skytrac SDL-350

Product Type: Broadband Terminals
MODEL #: SDL-350

SKYTRAC’S 2-MCU Satellite Data Unit, the SDL-350, features bold new capabilities and a 150x multiplier in Iridium bandwidth to enable the next generation of pole-to-pole connectivity. The SDL-350 is designed for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing applications and enables live video downlinks, telemedicine, and advanced graphical weather to the cockpit using Iridium Certus®. The SDL-350 provides support for data-rich mission-critical operations in air medical, search & rescue, and military, which could not be done previously with Iridium.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates 4G/LTE Cellular for On-ground Connectivity
  • Internal Wi-Fi Router with Intelligent Data Handling and Traffic Shaping
  • Supports Native Iridium Telephony and VoIP Calling
  • Extensive Digital and Analog Connections (ARINC-429/717, RS-232/485, etc.)
  • Optional Iridium Push-to-Talk (Using Built-in Legacy Iridium Modem)
  • Industry-standard 2-MCU Housing for Easy fit-out in Avionics Bay
  • Front-panel LEDs Support Installation and Troubleshooting

SERVICES: Iridium Certus® 700, Iridium Certus® 200, Iridium Push-to-Talk, Iridium Telephony


  • Aviation Safety & Compliance
  • Business Operations
  • Future Air Navigation System (FANS)
  • On-Board Communications



  • Business Jet
  • Commercial


  • First Responders

Global Governments


  • Satellite Data Unit (SDU):
    — Size / Dimensions: 194 x 57 x 324 mm
    — Weight: 2720 g
    — Power: 28VDC
  • High-gain Antenna (HGA):
    — Size / Dimensions: 226 x 104 x 57 mm
    — Weight: 1814 g
    — Data Speed: Transmit Up to 352 Kbps
    — Data Speed: Receive Up to 704 Kbps
  • Active Low-gain Antenna (ALGA):
    — Size / Dimensions: 199 x 76 x 51 mm
    — Weight: 800 g
    — Data Speed: Transmit Up to 176 Kbps
    — Data Speed: Receive Up to 176 Kbps