L3Harris RO® Tactical Radio

Product Type: Push-to-Talk Devices
MANUFACTURER: L3Harris Technologies, Inc
MODEL #: 8241799G8

The L3Harris RO® Tactical Radio uses the Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS) provided by the AFSF Enhanced Mobile Satellite Service (EMSS) office. Its design is simple for operators to use and is similar to a secure “walkie-talkie” in that it does not require ground infrastructure. The talker can reach thousands of other RO Tactical Radios within a 100-250 mile range anywhere in the world with line-of-site to the sky.

Key Features:

  • Provides Push-To-Talk (PTT) Netted Communications
  • DoD-owned and Operated Secure Gateway
  • Comms on-the-move (OTM)
  • Over-the-air (OTA) Rekeying
  • Remote Management via DTCS Web Portal

SERVICES: Iridium Push-To-Talk | Netted Iridium® | Iridium Short Burst Data® (SBD®)


  • Command & Control
  • EMSS
  • Secure Communications
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Tactical Communications
  • Tracking



  • Disaster Response
  • First Responders

U.S. Government

  • Arctic
  • Defense, Intelligence, & National Security
  • Research

Global Governments

  • Federal Governments
  • Humanitarian
  • Militaries
  • State & Local


  • Size / Dimensions: 142.2mm x 76.2mm x 43.2mm
  • Weight: 510 g
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +71°C
  • Data Speed: 2.4 Kbps